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Benefits of Regular Computer Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Computer Maintenance

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Your business depends on its technology. When that technology doesn’t work properly, you lose time and money. We all know that sinking feeling followed by panic when the hard drive crashes. (Why is it that it always seems to happen while racing toward a deadline?)

Usually, there are subtle signs. Sometimes, you notice right away – files or folders are missing, things seem to be running slowly, computer crashes, etc. Other times all seems fine and then WHAM, something freezes or crashes and your lose your work, or worse.

When you first got your computer it was fast, right? Does it seem like it is slowing down over time?  If you aren’t performing regular maintenance, chances are that it is.  Think about how often you stare at your computer waiting for it to complete some task… multiply by the number of computers in your business. Over the course of a week, a month, a year this time really starts to add up.

If you’re smart, you’ve got a backup so you can recover without losing much data, but what about the unscheduled downtime and missed deadlines? How much does that cost you?  Wouldn’t it be better to have been proactive rather than reactive?

Regular maintenance will help your business systems run more smoothly and make them less likely to break down, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing support costs. Professional computer maintenance can prevent unseen problems from snowballing into data loss, and maximizes the efficiency of your technology. It can help you regain lost time from slow computers and minimize costly downtime time and emergency repairs.

Professional computer maintenance should include running checks and updates on:

  • Hardware
  • System Software
  • Drivers
  • 3rd Party Software
  • Security
  • Additional Devices

A professional maintenance service agreement is, without a doubt, the most affordable way to get professional tech support. Not only are you better protected by taking a proactive approach to your technology, but you will save money with a preferred rate.

Failing to perform regular maintenance will not necessarily lead to a disaster… however, if neglected, you may start to see small problems like slow systems and shortage of space for new files. And inevitably, when small issues are neglected, they tend to become big ones.


Contact us to learn more about our proactive maintenance plans

With our proactive service plans, we take responsibility for the day to day operation of your computers and network and keep things running smoothly. When we see a potential problem, we step in before it becomes big trouble — keeping downtime to a minimum. Contact us to find out more!


Tips you can do between scheduled maintenance visits from your professional service provider

  • Clean your computer keyboard
  • Clean your monitor
  • Organize cords
  • Blow dust away
  • Keep CPUs up off the floor


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