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Multiple Copy/Paste Made Easy for Mac

Multiple Copy/Paste Made Easy for Mac

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Jumpcut:  Simple Mac Clipboard Manager

A shortcoming of the Mac clipboard is that it only retains the last item that you’ve copied. Futhermore, if you restart your Mac, you lose whatever was in your clipboard.

With a clipboard manager like Jumpcut (open source, MIT license you can automatically retain and access multiple text strings in your clipboard.

Jumpcut is a simple app, so you just download it and keep it in your Applications folder. NOTE: The developer’s download link leads to a compressed archive (.tgz file). If it isn’t automatically uncompressed after downloading, just double-click that “Jumpcut_0.63.tgz” file. That should expand into the “Jumpcut” application file, which is what you’ll use. If the “Jumpcut_0.63.tgz” archive file remains in your Downloads location, you can move it in the Trash.

If you like, you can then add it to the Dock and select Options -> Open at Login …or you can manually open it whenever you want. If it’s set to open at login — the better option for most people — then you do not need to keep it in your Dock. Once you launch the application, a scissors icon will appear in your menu bar, to the left of the other items already there.


Copy and Cut the same as you always have: Multiple items will be stored in Jumpcut for future pasting action!

Jumpcut doesn’t affect the system’s standard cut, copy, and paste in any way whatsoever; you can still use those as you always have.  

NOTE: If you <copy> or <cut> anything other than text, it will not show up in Jumpcut’s list. There are apps which will let you try to “remember” multiple graphics or more complex data to paste later, but those can sometimes slow things down significantly. Jumpcut’s approach to ONLY deal with text and strip it of all formatting keeps it very efficient. It uses very little RAM or CPU resources so it can keep running “lean and mean” in the background at all times without slowing anything down.


Jumpcut’s saved clippings may be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. Choose from the Jumpcut menu bar list
  2. Through a popup bezel — great for those of us who like keyboard shortcuts

jumpcut multiple copy paste for mac


To paste something from the menu bar, just select it from the Jumpcut list. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, we recommend sticking with its default shortcut, Control-Option-V. It’s similar to the “normal” Paste Command-V shortcut, so it’s easy to remember.

NOTE:  Jumpcut keeps the text formatting of the DESTINATION, not retaining the formatting of the SOURCE, which can be very handy when pasting differently-formatted text into an email or document!

multiple copy paste for macTo paste from Jumpcut’s popup bezelpress the hotkey — Control-Option-V, by default — to invoke it.

Navigate the stack using the arrow keys.  Hit the Escape key to close the bezel.

If you have a full extended keyboard, you can also use the Home and End keys to move to the first or last item, and use Page Up and Page Down to scroll through the stack more quickly.

If you use the bezel, there are two settings in Preferences that you should pay attention to, in the “General” preferences section:

  • Turning off “sticky bezel” is good if you want it to paste immediately as soon as you let go of the arrow keys. If you keep “sticky bezel” on, the bezel remains until you press the <return> key; some people like that extra confirmation step.
  • Turning on “Wraparound bezel” — off by default, for some reason — is a no-brainer.

There are many clipboard managers on the market. Flycut is an alternative version — a “fork” of the original Jumpcut app. Flycut, is available through the Apple App Store. Flycut has been updated more recently, but we’ve stuck with Jumpcut due to its simplicity and long history of compatibility. The most-recent version (0.63) has consistently worked well for us under every recent OS revision, all the way from Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to the new 10.11 (El Capitan).

If you are looking for a more feature-rich clipboard manager, check out this article from Macworld:
Clipboard Managers for Mac


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