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Read this before updating to CC 2015

Read this before updating to CC 2015

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Adobe has made changes to its Creative Cloud installation process that may cause problems for some of you. Here’s what you need to know to make your installation as painless as possible.

The most important thing to note is that if you click update without changing the default installation setting…

caution when updating creative cloud 2015YOUR PREVIOUS APP VERSIONS WILL BE REMOVED

Adobe has changed the default setting so previous versions will be uninstalled when installing the new version. Settings will be migrated to the new version.  

If you want to keep your previous versions, here’s how:


Advanced Options

To install the latest version without uninstalling the previous version:

  1. In the “Update” dialog box, click the arrow to the right of “Advanced Options” to expose those settings.

  2. If there is a  “Remove old versions” box, uncheck it.

  3. Click “Update.”

Before you install or run updates, make sure you have the current version of the Creative Cloud desktop manager

updating to creative coud 2015 advanced optionsIt’s important to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the desktop app to manage your updates and installations. To check, open your desktop app, click the “gear” icon and select Preferences. Verify that the “Always keep Creative Cloud desktop up-to-date” box is checked.

If you have any problems upgrading or applying updates, go to the “gear” icon in the Creative Cloud desktop app, quit the app, and relaunch it from your Applications folder. If that app is not current, you should be prompted to update it: If this happens, go ahead and. accept that update. If for some reason it still has problems, you may need to download and reinstall it from:

updating to adobe cc 2015


And finally, check your system requirements

Mac users must be running Mac OS X 10.9 or newer, and PCs require Windows 7 or newer. If you’re still on an older OS, you may not even see the updates for the CC 2015 apps…or a notification that your OS is ineligible may appear.

Some of the Adobe desktop apps have additional hardware requirements. For details on what each app needs, see:

…and look at the “Desktop Applications” section.

For more information about updating, see Update apps to CC 2015.

NOTE: If your OS needs to be upgraded first:

The good news is that the newest operating system upgrades are free from Apple and Microsoft*:

* Windows 10 upgrades are free if you complete your upgrade before July 29, 2016

As always, before upgrading your OS it’s essential to make sure that:

  • Your software and drivers will be compatible with the new OS
  • Your computer—processor, RAM, etc—are sufficient
  • You have at least one current, complete backup


For help with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, OS upgrades, or any of your technology needs, CONTACT US with your questions or to discuss your situation.

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