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We know the technology that creative and innovative companies need and can help you build a strong foundation for your business. We understand the pressure, the deadlines and why it’s vital that everything works, every time.


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 On-site Mac & Windows Support
The RetroTechs combine today’s latest technology with yesterday’s customer service. Unlike other firms that only provide “managed services,” The RetroTechs have been delivering quality on-site Mac and PC support for over 25 years. Of course, we also utilize the latest technology to provide remote management and monitoring of your systems, but our focus – our commitment – is to work with you in your environment, on your schedule…so you can ask questions and provide essential feedback to us at your convenience. Many issues can arise from a computer’s interaction with its networks, servers, printers or peripherals. The most efficient methods to fix problems and solve issues can be made in your operating environment by RetroTechs’ professionals.

Mac / Windows Integration
Traditional in-house corporate IT departments aren’t always staffed with Mac-certified technicians. Since 1990, The RetroTechs have been working with hundreds of companies, including Fortune 100 firms, meeting the needs of their Design, Marketing and other creative departments. The RetroTechs have successfully met the needs of these Mac users, while forming and maintaining strong, close working relations with their support staff to provide greater expertise and resources. We have successfully implemented mixed environments for years and have the skills to work with both Mac and PC equipment.

Workflow and Best Practices Development
We know the technology that creative and innovative companies need and can help you build a strong foundation for your business. For over 25 years we have been helping our clients streamline their workflow and manage and protect their data. Let The RetroTechs serve as your virtual CIO and show you how to leverage and plan your technology to create efficiencies and synergies across your organization. We can assess your technology requirements and develop a comprehensive plan to meet those needs. IT is not just about servers, networks or the latest apps. It is about how your people can best utilize technology to improve performance and harness information to work smarter, not harder.

Proactive Ongoing Service Plans
Would you rather focus your time and energy on the success of your business or on monitoring, maintaining and repairing the technology that supports it? Most people don’t have the time or skill sets necessary to do both. If your business depends on its technology, then depend on The RetroTechs to professionally handle the day-to-day operation of your computers and network so things run smoothly. With on-site support and remote monitoring, we can detect and prevent potential problems. The RetroTechs are there to provide stability to your systems and ensure potential downtimes do not become serious problems for your operations.

Wireless Networks & Security
With the proliferation of wireless phones, tablets and computers in the workplace, you need to ensure your Wi-Fi system can handle the ever-increasing load, while protecting all of your technology from outside threats. We can configure, install, monitor and maintain business-class Wi-Fi systems that provide all the features to handle today’s complex connectivity and everchanging security needs. Additionally, we also handle complex home Wi-Fi networks that integrate with home theater and camera security systems.

Budget Consulting
Managing the ongoing costs of technology is critical to your growing business — upgrades, support, repair, new equipment, replacement equipment, software, etc. We can act as your knowledgeable, experienced virtual CIO and help you budget for your future technology needs and control your spending. Partner with The RetroTechs to help you make the best purchasing decisions for your organization.

On-site Server Support and Remote Access
Running a server — whether Mac, Windows or both — can be a cost-effective and secure solution for file sharing and remote/VPN access for your organization. It can also streamline the management of users and mobile devices. The RetroTechs are certified technicians and have been setting up, maintaining and monitoring both platforms since the early 1990s. Let us show you how to get the most from your servers and the most efficiency for your users.

Backup Solutions
Things happen: floods, fire, equipment theft, employee sabotage and more. Still, you have a business to run, productivity to maintain and data to protect. The continuity and success of your business hinges on your ability to recover if disaster strikes. Let The RetroTechs design, install, monitor and maintain a custom solution for your organization to provide protection and peace of mind. From on-site to cloud-based backup and disaster recovery,
we can help.

People, Passion, Performance

Since 1990, The RetroTechs have delivered professional IT services and solutions for creative and innovative companies at a level traditionally available only to large corporations. We are technically savvy with almost every top name in technology. Our experience ensures that you receive the best technical advice on complete solutions designed with your business needs in mind.


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